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Interesting Sites

WWW Pages of Scientific Nonlinear Journals

Jornals of Physical Review Series
Technical Physics Letters (In Russian) (In English)
CHAOS. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science
International Journal of Electronics
Izvestiya VUZ: Prikladnaya Nelineynaya Dinamika (Applied Nonlinear Dynamics)
JETP Letters

Publishing Office WWW Pages

Physical Review Online Archive (Prola)
Ioffe Institute Publishing Editorial Office
International academic publishing company “Nauka”
IoP. Electronic Journals

Scientific Articles E-Libraries

Physical Review Online Archive (Prola)
e-Print archive
Virtual Journals in Science and Technology

Scientific Archives and Data

Mathematics Archives WWW Server
Comprehensive TeX Archive Network


Amara Graps' Wavelet Home Page
Wavelet Resources (Dept of Mathematics, Salzburg University)
Wavelet NetCare at Washington University-St. Louis
Wavelet Pages by S. Baum
U of Tenn Mathematics Archives — Topics in Mathematics Fourier and Wavelet Analysis
Varied and Useful Info by John Johnson for a Wavelet Presentation
Wavelet Compression Links
The Wavelet Digest

Our Saratov Colleagues

Nonlinear Community of Russia
REC “Nonlinear Dynamics and Biophysics”
International Research Institute of Nonlinear Dynamics (IRIND)
Radiophysics and Nonlinear Dynamics Department of Saratov State University
Laboratory of Dynamical Modeling and Diagnostics
Saratov Group of Theoretical Nonlinear Dynamics

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