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Scientific Interests

Scientific Fields

Our scientific interests are in the field of nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation in the distributed systems of different nature (in particular, electron beams and plasma); methods of mathematical simulation and analysis of dynamical systems including systems with small number of degree of freedom; high-power microwave electronics.

Main Directions of Scientific Investigations

  • Applications of wavelet analysis to the problems of non-linear dynamics
  • Investigation of classic and chaotic synchronization in distributed electron-wave systems
  • Investigation of complex dynamics and the methods of its suppression in autonomous electron-wave systems with backward wave
  • Analysis of transient processes in the systems with few degree of freedom and in distributed auto-oscillation systems
  • Complex dynamics and chaos controlling in Pierce diode
  • Investigation of chaotic dynamics and structure forming in electron beam with virtual cathode, controlling generation characteristics in the vircator systems
  • Examination of chaotic dynamics, multistability and chaos control in few-dimensional systems (discrete and flow lumped systems, chains and lattices of coupled maps)
  • Application of non-linear dynamics to the problems of economy, demography and social sciences

Current Reseaches

  • Application of continuous wavelet transform to the analysis of chaotic synchronization of coupled dynamical systems of different nature
  • The problem of chaos control in electron beam with overcritical current
  • Investigation of multistability and transient processes in Pierce diode
  • Investigation of transient chaos in lumped and distributed electron-wave systems, in particular with the help of wavelet analysis
  • Analysis of chaotic synchronization of distributed systems with backward wave

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