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9th International school on "Chaotic oscillations and pattern formation" (CHAOS - 2010)

The school CHAOS-2010 would take place in Saratov in the boarding house “Sokol” from 4th till 9th of October 2010.

The cost for accommodation in the boarding house “Sokol” (including triple meals) is now the following:
the place in the double room – 1400 Russian rubles per day;
the place in the lux number 4500 Russian rubles per day;
the place in the half-lux number 4000 Russian rubles per day;
ordinary single room – 2100 Russian rubles per day;

The payment should be performed by cash during the registration. The registration fee for the conference participants is 400 Russian rubles, for students, PhD students and young scientists (not older than 30 years) it is 250 Russian rubles

During the Conference the following lectures would be delivered:

  • «Synchronization in the media of self-sustaining, excitable and passive elements» (Osipov G.V.);
  • «Synchronization and phasing in the ensembles of spinthrone nano-generators» (Shalfeev V.D., Mishagin K.G.);
  • «Network-centric systems» (Dmitriev A.S.);
  • «Waves in cross-diffusive systems» (Cyganov M.A.);
  • «Electrodynamics of left media» (Suhorukov A.P.);
  • «Penleve methods for investigation of nonlinear wave equations and their applications» (Kudryashov N.A.);
  • «New theoretical and experimental results in the analysis of spatially extended nonlinear systems (from Tyuring till present time)» (Polejaev A.A.);
  • «Dynamical models of neurons» (Nekorkin V.I.);
  • «Dynamics of neural networks» (Nekorkin V.I.);
  • «Several problems of the theory of phase synchronization systems» (Kapranov M.V.);
  • «Superradiant lasers. Interdependence of stochastics and coherent pulsations » (Kocharovskii V.V.).

If you have any questions or comments, please, contact the Organizing Committee.

Looking forward to see you in Saratov.

The deadlines are the following

Registration of participants of the school: September, 1st 2010
Abstracts submission: September, 1st 2010
Notification of acceptance: September, 10th 2010
Preliminary program of the School: September, 20th 2010
Final program of the school: October, 1st 2010


Organizing Committee of CHAOS-2010
Faculty of Non-linear Processes
Saratov State University
83, Astrakhanskaya str.,
Saratov, 410026,
Tel.: +7 (8452) 514540; 514294
Fax: +7 (8452) 523864

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