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9th International school on "Chaotic oscillations and pattern formation" (CHAOS - 2010)

The address of the Organizing Committee

Take into account that The School would take place in boarding house «Sokol» , which locates in Saratov instead of declared earlier boarding house «Volzhskie Dali».

The address of the boarding house «Sokol»

27a, Lunnaya St., Saratov, 410065, Russia
phone: +7 (8452) 34-0791
reservation phone: +7 (8452) 794877
fax: +7 (8452) 63-0131

In the following maps the location of the building N.8 of Saratov State University is shown.

You can get from Sartov Railway Station to boarding house "Sokol" by the trolleybus N10, bus N50, 75 (station “Vtoraya Dachnaya” or “Sapernaya”). From “Vtoraya Dachnaya” station to the boarding house you can get by fixed-run taxi N61 (the bus stop is on the other side of the street).

Detailed scheme of the boarding house “Sokol” location is shown in the following scheme.

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