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About us

Scientific Supervisor

Prof. Dmitrij Ivanovich Trubetskov

Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Science, Head of Electronics, Oscillations and Waves Department of Faculty of Nonlinear Processes of Saratov State University

Research Interests

Our scientific interests are in the field of nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation in the distributed systems of different nature (in particular, electron beams and plasma); methods of mathematical simulation and analysis of dynamical systems including systems with small number of degree of freedom; high-power microwave electronics.
The scientific results of our group are reflected in several scientific monographs and books and many publications in different periodicals and reports on conferences and schools.

Head of Research Laboratory of Nonlinear Phenomena

Dr. Alexander E. Hramov

Professor of Electronics, Oscillations and Waves Department of Saratov State University

Scientific Reseachers

PHD Students



410012, Saratov, Astrakhanskaja str., 83, Saratov State University, Faculty of Nonlinear Processes


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+7 (8452) 523864

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